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Rollex11 Highway Kings Pro

The Highway Kings Pro online free slot is an improved version of the previous rollex11. The addicts of distant adventures and powerful trucks will definitely like this slot. It involves 5 reels and 9 paylines. Feel yourself as a rider of a giant truck and make an interesting journey.

Highway Kings Pro has many symbols, all of which relate to the trucking theme set for the game: a steering wheel; tyre; dice; truck parts and trucker’s cap form the lower-paying icons for play, and the petrol station; green truck; yellow truck and red truck make up the higher. The petrol station is the second-highest paying icon for the game.

Highway Kings Pro is so named because it features a trucker theme, but its developers have added enough extra features and such a high level of design that even players who have no particular affinity with the oversized highway trucks many commuters see every day will enjoy the game. It is the second title in a franchise of games by Playech with trucking running through them, and is the successor to Highway Kings.