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Play8oy Pirate Treasure

Click on the shell at the bottom left of the screen to display the payment form. Here you can see that when you play 1 coin bet, the pirate pays the highest reward of 800 coins for 3 symbols, and when you play 2 coins, it pays 1600 coins for 3 symbols. The second best symbol here is the parrot, which can pay up to 80 coins for a coin bet or up to 160 coins for 2 coin bets.

The next symbol on the odds table is the skull and the knife and fork. When you place 2 coins, you can pay up to 80 coins and 3 symbols. Gold and diamond ring symbols can pay up to 50 coins for 3 symbols, barrels or rums and anchors can pay up to 20 coins for 3 symbols.