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A brand new fantasy wheel 73 represents the revival of a wheel-based game. Modified and improved numbers and their sequence layout, more betting options, higher bonuses, better chances of winning... all these advantages make the Roulette 73TM popular in the player's game.


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It's hard to imagine a game that is more acceptable than Funky Monkey. This 3-volume, single-payline slot machine game is as simple as they come: no distracting or wild symbols, no bonus games or free spins to add a bit of flavor to the game.

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Play the Golden Tree Slot today! The Golden Tree Slots have huge outfits and amazing features such as mobile wild, sticky wild and random wild! Experience the luxury and style of a Las Vegas casino in the palm of your hand.


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The game's five large reels contain up to 25 paylines, indicating the exact combination of symbols that must occur in order to trigger a cash reward. By using the (+) and (-) buttons under the hinge to adjust the settings, you can place the bet on as many paylines as you want. Rotate the reel to start the game and see for yourself if luck is by your side.




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The rules you must adhere to are also classic. More symbols of the same type on the payline line will mean more victories. As you can see in the odds table, the winning combination is the highest prize for the game, 5,000 coins, which will be your biggest reward. As you can see, you can also get one or two cherry symbols to win, as well as a bar symbol of any type, and a bonus to win 3, 3 or 3 high notes.



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In Mystical Dragon, the bet ranges from 0.05 up to 10. Just click the spin button after determining the bet.

The slot includes an auto-launch mode that allows the player to automatically start the game using a predetermined bet. Except for the scatter plot, all wins are paid on the line played on the continuous reel, starting with the leftmost column. Combine the unanimous wins on the alternate payline to give the final result.

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The 5-axis slot machine offers up to 50 winning lines for all paying users and a demo mode for those who don't want to bet on real money.

Since this is a fictional world, many Arctic animals will try to help you achieve a randomly generated progressive reward, waiting for you on the grid. Even if they don't give you the biggest bonus, they certainly get a lot of cash, combined with their strength to bring home Bacon.


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