Fortune Fest has impressive graphics that make it stand out from other places. In contrast to the typical Chinese skyline, the reels are filled with a large number of red fireworks rockets; when you start placing the correct symbols on the reels, if the sparks go out, the quiet atmosphere will be interrupted at any time. Animation adds more color to the game. Once you hit two free-rotating symbols, the rocket will threaten to fly. If you land on the third symbol, they will actually work, causing you to trigger the Big Wins Wheel; once you click on the Pick Instant Win symbol, you You can also get real enjoyment. When the stacked rockets flew in all directions, they won a big victory and watched a lot of diamonds and golden oceans flowing from the side of the screen.

In other words, the interface is simple to design and easy to play. You can use the auto play mode and a TurboSpin mode to rotate the reels faster by holding down the space bar. In addition to the arrow for selecting the total weight of rotation, there is a "pay" button on the lower right to explain the various paylines and rewards of the game.