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download mega888 for Android and IOS

Mega888 have apk in Android and iOS, and insdie the casino suite you can play more then 100+ ganes.

Download Mega888 for IOS 64-bit


Download Mega888 for Android


How To Install Mega888 IOS on Your Device


Search "Win8today download mega888" on google


 Click one of a download button that suit your device


 press the install button if the popout show


wait for the install complete 


 Press the cancel button if the popout show


 Now, go to the Settings in your device and go to General section


 In general, go to Device Management


Press the button shown as image 


 Press the 'Trust' Button as the image show


 Press the 'Trust' Button if the popout show


 now, your game has been verified


You can now enjoy your game!