This is certainly not a typical Chinese-themed online casino slot machine, as most seem to be set farther in the past, so this is a nice change to see more of the latest characters popping this game, paying higher from the left to The value wins when the payline is logged in uninterrupted order. At the top of the odds table, there is a beautiful singer. When she is on the 1 and 2 reels, her value is 3 times the line bet, and the woman's entire line won 80 times the coin victory.


Image00001.jpg - 477.75 kB

Then, we have a handsome guy with a hat, worth up to 70 times the line shares, another girl wearing traditional red clothes will pay up to 60 times the cost, and his sunglasses also have a bald, mysterious character, pumping Cigarettes, which look very evil, are worth up to 60 times the line shares.

The smaller wins come from the typical playing card icons 10, J, K, K and A. If there is any design of the Oriental Paris video slot that we don't like, it is to use these standard symbols, which is not directly related to the theme, although They have small hats, fans or microphones on them. But they will create most of the victory lines, with 10 and J returning to 12 times the line bet, and others up to 14 times when filling out the pay line.

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