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Joker123 Alice

This slot has 5 reels and up to 30 victories, although you can reduce this by five and only one victory line. The rotated total bet will be multiplied by the number of lines in the game based on your coin value.


You need to have three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a victory line to get any victory in this position. Alice herself is the best paid symbol, winning 1,000 coins five times in a row. The victory far exceeded any other position, and Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts paid 300 coins.

The slot has an autoplay option, but unlike many other slots, you won't set some rotations as this game will continue until you land the feature or you tell it to stop.

The wildness in the slot is the title symbol. Sometimes the symbol will simply say 'Alice wild', but you will also find the 'Alice x2', 'Alice x3' and 'Alice x5' symbols. Should you use one of these symbols as a wild win? An appropriate multiplier will be added to make a bigger victory than usual. The field will replace any symbol except the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol.