Login to your account and click profile, update your password. 


You are highly recommend to secure your ID with 2FA (two factor authentication) , we provide email code and app authentication such as google authenticator, use Time-based One Time Passwords (OTP) compatible with Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password, YubiKey Authenticator and compatible apps.




You can Top-up or deposit your game account with ATM cash deposit or online transfer, please login to your account and create a deposit order and use the ref. number when you perform online transfer. Or you can deposit with ATM cash deposit, you can found our bank account in the order detail.

Please screenshot or take photo of your deposit slip and go back to your order detail page to upload the deposit slip. All ATM cash and manual online transfer and credit game points is process manually, and will take about 1-5 minutes to process the order, for instant process please select online transfer.


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You can transfer game credit to your friend that with account in win8.casa or to your second account.

Go to Transfer credit , and select transfer type to "player transfer", and key-in your friend email address in "user email", please make sure the user is registered in the system or the transfer will failed.


Transfer available game credit to play Live games, fast and easy.