Bitcoin (BTC) to Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)


Did you know that you can easily convert your Bitcoin to MYR, no KYC, keep maximized anonymous, just email to create a account at our MYR wallet site.

  • Best rate in the market, we use CoinGecko public rate for exchange.
  • No transaction fees, we do not charge exchange fees, mining fees is unavoidable.
  • Instant transaction, usually will complete in 1-2 minutes.
  • Maximized your Bitcoin value with doubled or more depends on your luck.

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Register your free ID click HERE, fill in your username, password and valid email.

check your email for the verification link after successful submit the register form.

Click the verification link. That is all, ENJOY!

If you received promo coupon code you can claim it in this step.

Login and select deposit, payment method select coupon, game select slot game if not specify any game.

That's all. Enjoy ! 


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Login to your account and select My Games. All available games show with balance.

Login to your account and click profile, update your password.