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The thing about the Fantastic 4 slot is the innovative free spin feature. When you get 3 or more planet symbols in your view (remembering Cryptologic's Silver Surfer game) you get 12 free spins (no re-trigger). During free spin, the center reel has a stacking symbol, and when one of the magic 4 stacking symbols landed, you will get 4 additional spins with special features.

The extra special features are different: Mr. Fantastic adds an ever-increasing wildness to each reel,


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Do you know what you usually don't get? Really, really, the simple 5-reel slot machine is only scattered and wild.

This is because, in the end, most of us are used to bonus games, free spins and exciting features. If not, we will play a classic 3 reeler, such as the Chinese kitchen slot.

It was a beautiful Playtech machine with cool and colorful graphics. The Silver Bullet video slot looks and sounds like what you found in the old West. 1890.

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Play the free unique video slot Elektra, no need to register, right here. The Elektra slot is manufactured by Playtech. The game is based on the comic book heroine Elektra Natchios.

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If you are familiar with the use of recentonline slot machines, you will know that they often come with a variety of bonus game features. Playtech's game is no exception, with some special icons to help punters increase their bonus returns. First, there is a wild symbol - depicted by the fox character - that will replace all regular paying icons on the odds table. More importantly, when this symbol falls on reels 1, 2 and 3, it activates a round of 15 free spins and applies the winning x3


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No one knows how big the 20-line 5 cash-and-roll rock wins... How many bonuses does the undeveloped Arctic Treasure Slots have?

Bravely crossed the snow-capped scroll hills? Take off your shoes! You can take you to the magical Free Spins, Gamble Feature Island without using Playtech's download boots.

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Great Blue is a 5-volume, 25 Payline online slot game that is now also available in the mobile version. The reel has a grand prize of 10,000 coins and offers a variety of special features such as a free spin bonus round, stacked wild symbols and convenient "gambling" features. All of these features make it easier to walk away from this game with a big smile on your face.


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Once you start this adventure, you will see a Japanese made up of 9 paylines and 5 reels. Not only will you learn the history of martial arts and the history of warriors, but you will also have the opportunity to win big prizes, free spins and extraordinary gambling. If you show real courage and determination, you can win the biggest bonus - $250,000!


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